stock-photo-metal-triangle-plate-103962650Health, Wellness and Protection

There are 3 stages of development in Kyusho, that must be incorporated for full potential in the skill, however this is not an easy accomplishment, nor is it widely known or accepted.

Without the 3 stages, one can not gain the full depth of understanding and consequently can develop only superficial levels.

Stage 1: Protection, yes this is what lures most in to study Kyusho, the effortless KO so to speak.  It is of course one angle of the triangle of knowledge that Kyusho embodies and is the highlight for most involved.  This level is also where most remain focused.

Stage 2: Health aspects sre next in it's allure as the need (especially for more skilled practitioners) is real, and therefore must be studied.

Stage 3: Wellness or physical/mental practices for developing energy and well being, now for most this is not really studied, some of course copy a Chi Gung exercise and claim they have the energy, but this is not even what it is about. Energy is the way the body functions, the brains control and monitoring of all the systems and functions of the human being.

Once one can accomplish some Martial skill, and some basic Health or revival skills as it is imperative (for true knowledge and higher skill), to understand the inner concepts of what energy is, how it moves or is functioning and how to enhance it.  This does not mean storing a mystical orb of magic in your Hara or Dan Tien to disperse at will, but rather how it flows through the body and how to enhance its efficiency and therefore function or dysfunction.

Once an individual incorporates as well as integrates the Martial, Health and Energetic levels of study in the human dynamic they will open deeper and more profound levels few will achieve.

Look for energy in the physiology of the body like the reflexes and how they dramatically effect your entire being,