Blue-TargetBest Target in Kyusho

What is it, where is it, how do you hit or compress it, what are the affects, what reactions will the opponents have, will it knock them out, will it hurt them, does it work for real, will it work on everybody, is it easy, does it need a set up??????

All these questions and more are on the mind of a Kyusho practitioner any time you mention a Kyusho Target... especially one that most do not use or know, but have been in the old texts of Kyusho as well as many Martial Arts.

Now this is not a new target, however it is very unique and special... oh and probably the most powerful target on the human body.

So why is it that people do not use it or think that merely knowing of it, that they have it.. but like anything can you really be sure if you have not tried it at least?

A few months ago we released a very little known, rarely discussed or utilized target that had devastating effects, but there is another that is even more effective and yet never really taught and especially not taught properly.  Well as that is Kyusho's goal; not only to find the weaker anatomical structures, but put it into regular training, we have the best target for you this time.  It has devastating effects, easy to target, does not require power or special weapons, will it work in real situations... absolutely, will it work on everybody... absolutely!

Now training is of course very important but without knowing the true nature of the target you can not adequately train it... you need to fully understand it's location, structure, attributes, role in the body and it's functionality, the results of several types of attacks to it, how to fix it if possible (in case of over zealous training), and how to protect against it's use on you!  These are all vital concepts that need your full attention to train it well enough to utilize it in combative need, thank God this one is far easier than most to accomplish all of these.

But it is not the affects alone that constitute a great target: (excerpt from All That post)

It must be easily accessible
It must have an angle that can be targeted with gross motor skill action
It must be adaptable to any style
It must be adaptable to any situation, standing, in a crowd, against a wall, etc.
It must encompass all of the keys of good Kyusho (not run of the mill, stand and demonstrate type points)
It must really drop the guy, after all why bother?

This information and video will be exclusively available in the next Vlog (# 9 - monthly Video Blog) with the article, and restorative measures... already completed and scheduled for automatic release in the Platinum subscription FREE.

We hope you work to bring this powerful target into your training to help your family, friends, members or students learn this vital target... click here to learn it.





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