Tablet PC1997 introduced the first online educational program, which surpisingly reached many countries and interested people to this new possibility.

This included mailing video tapes (yes they existed at the time) to the client discussions by phone, email and mail... occasionally in person visits.

Rustic but at the time revolutionary as it reached hundreds of Kyusho enthusiasts around the world.


On November 5, 2005 at the International Kyusho Convention we introduced a major new breakthrough with the wildly successful, still in operation.

This substantially increased the quality and reach of online Kyusho education currently over 17,000 registered users.

This had video, and a stunning introduction of an interactive 5 layer image system that enables you to fade through 5 layers of anatomy to see the real targets and structures.

All this along with written descriptions, and interactive forum (now devoted to the new "Subscription Service").

Well this success did not stop us from continuously advancing and refining to bring you an even more sophisticated and even less expensive alternative with our New "Subscription Service".


We released the new online Kyusho education program November 25, 2013 and we are already straining our massive server capacity.

With more titles, sections, films than the learn.kyusho.comsite, higher definition films, 32 bit 5 layer charts that show greater clarity and detail, an interactive forum where you get all your questions answered or can post your youtube videos for critique (assuring your education and skill attainment).

And the newest edition the "Vlog" where new monthly training and interactive levels are added at no extra charge, keeping you on the cutting edge of Kyusho, with new discoveries, individual point tutorials, news, your questions personally answered and more!

Wow 17 years as the worlds leader in Kyusho Education Online.... click here for more information!

Here's to the future!