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Continual Project:

Always advancing and always refining, that should be the priority of every Kyusho Practitioner, Martial Artist, Health Worker, Wellness Promoter... and for goodness sakes people, even (or especially in) Intimacy.

As Kyusho is widespread now and the majority of people have accepted it's reality, the call for better training (as always) is essential.

Kyusho is not about pin point accuracy, it is not about mystical man made theorem, nor is it in trying to confine it to an old belief system.

It is all and always was about long, dedicated hours of hands on training and work (same thing)... as you never stop learning when you are always working it.

The dilemma is in the modern attention span.

Gone are the days when a person could and would take a simple task and work it constantly to master it.

Mastery is not how many diplomas you bought, it is not the length or pretty color of a belt or uniform you wear, it is also not a head full of so much crap you can not enjoy the simple pleasure of mastering a simple process.

Take as example a course; or seminar (I hate that term, as it denotes a social type professed by some sort of  expert) that brings a single method to be worked for the full time allotted, to gain the most worth in that given time.

Take your time, enjoy less and learn more from working long and hard on a single project.




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