Body Structure

The simple answer is that there are use cases for both. There are differentials to both and the benefits may or may not suit each individual.

The Tiger takes strength, power and tenacity to dig deep enough into the body's internal structures. This would make it ideal for stronger individuals over the smaller and weaker type. This not only takes stronger hands, but also full body constriction focused into the attacking weapon or tool.

The Crane does not require strength, but more nimble accuracy and quickness, making it more suitable for smaller and weaker practitioners. These are based on concussion, not with strength but with loose snapping energetic transference.


The Kyusho Black Tiger methodology is far more invasive and damaging upon the body. It also leaves observable and sometimes irreparable damage to the recipient. Whereas the Kyusho Crane Attacks, leave no observable or irreparable damage.

Again as mentioned many times, today's Martial Artist must be more aware and cautious on the damages they inflict. We are a litigious society and for every physical conflict you are in, you are liable to the court system and the laws that protect others from damages. This is irregardless of the initiator attacker or defender as much as in days of old. If you cause damage, disfigurement and permanent disability (as the Black Tiger inflicts), you may be the one that is guilty in the court of law, even if only defending yourself. The Crane methodology is faster as well as safer as it does not cause the physical damages as does the Tiger.

The Tiger is also far more difficult to enact than the Crane methods... so anyone beginning their journey in the study of Kyusho is urged to work first with the concussive applications of the White Crane.

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