Kyusho test

513,995 views - Presented Dec 17, 2008

Many people do not believe that Kyusho is real or workable, however most if not all of these folks have never properly trained in Kyusho. When asked they always say why would I train something that is fake, but how can you say it is fake, if you never tried it for yourself, or felt it.

A couple of reasons they state this are; lack of research, education, training and or stubborn ignorance. Another reason is blind tradition (ignorance), as their instructor/s never taught them Kyusho. But in reality all of the old systems that are really traditional had Kyusho, it was documented by the founders and masters of these arts. Again they just blindly adhere to what their instructors say as opposed to finding the truth for themselves.

This film is a recap of a group that (to their credit) at least tried it for themselves before claiming it was fake. But they did not seek qualified instructors, nor does it appear that they trained it... no wonder they could not make it work, they looked at YouTube, played with it incorrectly and got no favorable results, accept one...

Watch the film with over 20 attempts, find out what the real target is and how to make it work... 


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