Because of the way the Heart is positioned

Paul Robinson Questioned: "Evan, I have a question for you. I'm a Platinum Subscriber. In
your bronze body points section you said not to strike certain points on the left side of the
body because they affect the heart. Can..."


First it is only in the chest region that this holds true. If we look at the way the heart is positioned in the chest, from a top down angle we will notice that the majority of the heart itself is on the left side of the spine. This places a lot more of the hearts vascularity and nerves on that side of the body as well.

From the back of the opponent the spine will protect the heart more than on the left side. Also from the front this holds true, however the heart is deep within the body cavity and high skill is needed to affect these structure and consequently the functionality.


Now tactically most people are right handed, this means they are more powerful, accurate and instinctive with their right hand. When facing the opponent, your right hand will more easily access the opponents left side body (as the left can act to stabilize or position the opponent for a right hand delivery).


In many "Modern" Martial Practices the training partner will attack with a straight right punch, with the practitioner stepping off toward the oppositions right side. This has been standard for decades, which brings up the question... was this done purposefully for safety reasons? That would make the training more of a sport than militaristic in training.

If so it would also explain the more modern Kata favoring the right side actions 2 to one in application, giving an anatomical reason for modern Katas preoccupation with the right, left,right attack tendencies.


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