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Everyone has had mixed feelings with Martial Arts organizations. And many rail that they are all out for money, control, power and or ego. And honestly some may well be, but there are always more sides to consider even in an organization.

So lets dissect this first and then we can get it back to its relevance to Kyusho the reason we are here in the first place.

It starts as someone had an idea or innovation or better way of working with a body of knowledge that appealed to others. People join because they want that information or want to be associated with the groups innovation and growth.

At various stages many then choose to leave stating all those negative traits listed above. But here is something to consider before condemning the idea and methods of the "Organization".

1. Is it really the costs (as it did not seem to stop the individual from joining knowing those same costs)? Or is it actually that they did not use the membership correctly and to their advantage and now it seems that the idea is not good as they observe others achieving what they could not. It is always easier to blame others than it is to admit they were doing something out of the scope of that organized group?

2. Control is another reason people sometimes use to move away from a group. Yes of course some leadership can be overbearing, but could it also be the individuals lack of initiative to climb the stated stack of requirements in the bylaws of that group they once accepted? Again it is easier to claim that leadership that did climb through those same criteria are trying to keep the individual back or control people. And quite honestly it was the control that all leaders use that actually helps individuals not chase around in circles as opposed to finding the path.

3. Power, this is often claimed as reason why an individual leaves a group also. They feel as if those with more experience or information or skill are trying to tell them what to do instead of realizing it perhaps as just guidance to correctly move in accordance to their agreement and with the general populace of a group. Yes of course some can act out if alignment with the rules or methods of an organization and try to use that power to control or bully others. But instead of understanding that any organization has contingencies against such abuse (necessary for orderly and correct conduct), the individual instead takes the easier route of quitting. Is this the problem with the group or the individual?

4. Ahh Ego! The conundrum of the Martial Arts. Most get in the arts to build themselves and their confidence (ego), some even overshoot the mark and develop a huge ego. But what about all those that leave a group with their methods and start their own organization? Is it because they had a better way or innovation, or was it to satisfy their own ego to bypass all their perceived issues they could not adhere to due to their own ego? Could they not stand not being the leader, or accomplish the set goals or criteria set forth in the organization that they once thought was reasonable and worthy of accomplishing?

So again there are many sides to look at any point from, but to condemn all outright is a bit extreme and uneducated. A group or "Organization" can only grow when many accept the ways and criteria set forth in their bylaws.

An organization does have great advantages for individuals.

1. First a standard. How do you measure your personal growth when you are a single entity. It is a far better and more accurate measure of success to have set goals and standards as set and achieved by thousand as opposed to self. An organization offers just that.

2. A reason or ultimate mission. An individual can do great things, but if that individual can share those great things and then help others achieve the same, that greatness will exponentially benefit even more. That group will become organized and achieved greater worth for all.

3. Satisfaction. What is more satisfying, helping just yourself or others? And what is better, helping others or helping others help yet more... An organization has this trait as its foundation is what all civilized people crave.

4. Rules. Yes by ourselves we can of course find success. But without discipline it will take far longer if at all to accomplish. But if we want to get past self and help others there needs to be a set if rules to guide everyone more efficiently as well as guarantee that everyone is afforded the same opportunity no matter when they join.

Now all of this is intricately involved in the proliferation of Kyusho globally. Kyusho was and in many places, remains more of a self interest. However there is a definitive need for an organized group of people committed to the ideals stated above. If for no other reason than to illustrate there are those out for themselves and those out for the betterment of all.

And yes there needs to be a leader that envisioned the mission and that keeps the organization functioning as envisioned. That person must be one that maintains the strict adherence to agreed upon structure and innovation of the whole group. If this innovation ( not just taking the original idea and making personal adaptions, outright copying or bastardization of the intellectual property), does not keep evolving to the advancement of the original ideal as opposed to tangent or unaligned methodology... Then it will just end up chasing its members in a circle.

Without organization society would not evolve, just a continuum of self serving with limited worth.



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