pwwwdavidrevoycomdownloadwallpaper1Kyusho is not real???

It's a "Fairy Tale"

Well you just pissed off a fairy for sure!

No kidding, what most Martial Artists rant against Kyusho is it not being real, even when done right in front of them... they still do not see. (aren't you glad you are of a different understanding)?

We see it time and time again, people knocked out in Boxing, MMA and Sports matches all the time.  Most put it to blunt trauma with significant force to cause concussion, but we see way more than that when we look close with an educated eye.


Well for quick look at a "Real" KO in sport that is Kyusho look at this:


Ahh a body KO, just under the collar bone, left body (severe and rapid compression of Aortic Arch possibly subclavian arteries or carotid arteries).

This done as shown; restricts breath via constricted bronchial tubes, restricts blood flow to and from the brain (on side struck), drops blood pressure... who says Kyusho does not work.

Anyway the lesson here is not the attack, not the affect, but the need for referees to understand revival and restoration methods.

The first referee did not help, he left her face down...not good!  Atleast we see someone finally had sense to roll her to her side to avoid possible suffocation, especially after that attack.

A similar thing happened in a Uechi Sponsored MA tournament I attended. I was standing next to Hanshi Mattson at the time watching a match when one Black Belt contender was KO's by the other.  I stated to Mr. Mattson that the individual could be restored quickly, but He said for legal and insurance principles we needed to wait until the medic came.... which took way too long. When the medic finally arrived he took a flashlight, looked in the victims eyes and ears, then told him to sit to the side quietly... that's it!

At that point it was OK to help him (quickly done)... watch for next Friday's release "Hey Coach".

Every Martial Arts Instructor or Referee should have Restorative first aid training... this could happen in class as easy as it does in competition.


For greater information with detailed film explanation, a short additional KO clip in a competition stops the recipients breathing and graphics of the inner targets go to:

 VLOG 16 - Click Here


This ain't no "Fairy Tale" folks, Kyusho is REAL and it is DANGEROUS to ignore!  - Evan Pantazi