Fred Astaire 3Are you training Kyusho... Or are you training Kyu-Show?

Like anything in life there is high quality and serving as well as lower quality and self serving.  There are methods with substance and direction and there are those merely for show.

Kyusho is like this as well... There is high quality training that serves the individual and then there is just a show with little substance... Self serving for the presenter.

What are the ways to tell which you are involved with and what path you are on?  Here is a quick list, but not a full one:

  • Is the instructor more interested in his performance or yours?  There are the Show off instructors that wear the fancy belts, huge arrays of patches that say how many styles they do (compared to a single focus work toward mastery).
  • There are those that claim they are masters or experts (which means they stopped growing or only allow their ego to grow).
  • There are those that beat hell out of an innocent uke to show their prowess, but serve little to educate.
  • There are those that rocket to instructor and beyond in so short a time and reach that false belt rank not serving the student, only their misguided need for attention.
  • There are those that sell ranks, claim grandure and worse believe it themselves.
  • Does the class or seminar focus more on your needs or their presentation.
  • Who does it focus on, those that want to learn or those that want to show off.
  • Are the teaching what they recently learned without years of training to understand it more?
  • Do they copy information from others to look more skilled or knowledgeable?

You must open your eyes and look at what and who and how Kyusho is being taught (not shown)... do your homework folks.

You must look at the accomplishments of the student as opposed to the instructor.

You must actually sweat in a training session... One step application or techniques won't get you there.  You actually need dynamic training with spontaneous high pressure combative intent to break through to realistic training... That serves you.

Just recently we saw a demonstration not typically presented publicly that showed what one of our instructors (earned not paid for only), accomplished ( ).  This was to show the final steps in their demonstratable skill to achieve a junior level... But by far surpassing those claiming 7th, 8th and 9th dans in other groups.  Brag and strut as they will, they have not demonstrated this skill level yet.

So here we present our latest instructor who achieved his 2nd level instructorship, with the following demonstration of the final public requirements... Again far surpassing those of "master" level elsewhere.

I present Horacio Daniel Obon of Taipei, Taiwan performing 3, 5 person attack scenarios:  one at a time, all at once with the goal to contain and finally all at once with separation and random application.

These and all Kyusho International Instructors are training more realistically, not learning Kata Techniques, or Pressure Points in static or set technique.... but assimilating theirs kills into increasingly stressful and difficult scenarios.

Simply learning pressure points means little if you do not train them properly or dynamically.

This is Kyusho... Not the typical Kyu-show.

We urge all to raise their standards and you to compare.  Do not be fooled by rank or stature, look to who works hard for you by making you work hard for success!