They were not in the Bubishi

Yes there were Kyusho (Vital Targets) in the Bubishi, but they were not acupuncture Points as most believe, those were added by modern authors.

They were also not used by any old school Kyusho (or Dim Mak, Dian Hsueh) practitioners either. This is evidenced by the old written documents from China, Okinawa, Japan and other cultures as well. The names were given from native dialects and languages to describe physical anatomical areas.

So who started using Acupuncture names?

There are many people that propagated this false paradigm and many more today carrying it on. But this was a modern adaption due to misunderstanding or lack of research into the old documents. It was also an attempt to link an obscure art/science with a more accepted model, however that lead us away from the real truth held in those old documents and now verified with modern Medical and Scientific sciences.

Where and who started this... 


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