The Teacher Appears

They say a student spends most of his life finding the right teacher, but the teacher spends their entire life finding the right student.

The study of Martial Arts is a life changing opportunity especially when we are privileged enough to involve Kyusho.

Kyusho being a deeper level of study as well as a glimpse into understanding ourselves on a physiological basis, demands that we find the correct individual that is mentally and spiritually aligned with you to grow completely in all areas.

To fully understand any Martial Art we must look at the human functionality and our possibilities to work with it both inside and out.  This is as much physical as it is philosophical and spiritual.  And to find someone that can comprehend and share this journeys passion at this level is the most difficult aspect.  But without this there will be no perpetuation, continuity or complete transmission of the knowledge.

This is not to say you need to look for someone that will blindly follow every direction, but someone that is on the same wavelength from which you both can grow and benefit to both parties full and desired potential.

Unfortunately today most want quick results and therefore only ever see the outer shell, not the inner beauty that reflects the life process itself.  Many seek only a small bit of knowledge, technique, certificate or just a chance to use your work as theirs.  They only reach to have something as opposed to understand or live it.

The old instructors knew this and why most of their understanding or potentials were kept a personal secret (buried with them) for eternity.

It is also a dilemma that modern people tend to think more literally (with few exceptions like Einstein & Tesla), whereas the ancients thought more conceptually and how it fit into all of life.  So to take such a conceptual essence and force literal translation or specific use will forever inhibit the full potential.

Because we as a global society are now conditioned and blinded by goal as opposed to enjoying the processes, we let life pass by in pursuit of the goal or having "something".  This in turn makes us jump from possession to possession as we always want more, leaving us with a collection of degrees, techniques or certificates that decry this superficial quality.  And even these are held  only for a brief time before the next and therefore they can not relate all to each or together for full realization, use and perpetuation.

The Martial Arts is one of the last options modern man has to come in direct control over himself as well enjoyment of life through discipline and self fulfillment through that discipline, refinement and continued inner search.  But we need a new mindset to allow this process to flourish, we need to find the special individual that shares this ideology and has the character and fortitude it will demand.

To get back to the paths of the ancients and the true pursuit of the vital point of the arts, we must find that special student.  It will be as the proverbial needle in a haystack approach and demand fortitude as well as strict adherence to the personal code.  So yes we will first seek quantity in the quest for quality.

Once we can return en masse to this old ideal we will convert the arts back to this essence and trickle this long lost ethic back into society.  This is the vital point.





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