bodhidharmaIt is not what you see, it is what you don't.

Over time parts of the body, brain, etc, start to stagnate, atrophy and calcify in some cases causing lost functionality... terms are not medical but the essence is.

We need to prevent this or at least slow it's natural decay as long as possible, or make a huge break through and begin anew.

There are several ways to de-calcify and rejuvenate many things, the trick is to maintain it or make further gains in this area in your normal daily life style or habits.  Developing a personal way of doing it for yourself as well as the exponential benefit of several people working on another individual are both possible.  This releases many tensions, atrophy inflicted states as well mental and emotional barriers.  This also effects many glands that can also calcify like the Pineal Gland:

The pineal gland is responsible for the production of melatonin, a hormone that is secreted in response to darkness, and is also the site in the brain where the highest levels of Serotonin can be found.  In the pineal gland, 5-HT (Serotonin) concentration displays a remarkable diurnal pattern, with day levels much higher than night levels.  This Serotonin plays an important role in sleep, perception, memory, cardiovascular activity, respiratory activity, motor output, sensory and neuroendocrine function.

Now one of the focuses of Yoga is to release the Kundalini (be very careful), to de-calcify not only the brain, but many other structures as well. What most Martial Artists fail to realize, have never been told or ignore is the connection between these Indian practices and Chinese Arts. Many Martial Artists think only in fighting (probably calcified to that extreme) and ignore these inner aspects. This is not simply the development of Chi, it is far beyond that... as these Indian practices came to China, many other such practices were developed and flourished that carried this original essence.

What is Kata but a derivative of these ancient purifying or maintenance methods.  Kata is not just muscle strength (exercise), vitality (increased physiological functionality) and or bunkai (the crossword alternative), yes all of these are fun and of benefit... but there is so much more.   As Bodhidharma, was Indian by descent and was adept in that culture and its disciplines... what else did he bring beside meditation (meditation being a generic category for all internal skills). He is accredited with teaching the 18 Lohan (Arahants) Hands or 18 steps to enlightenment (of which the Uechi Ryu Sanchin contains 18 movements or steps)... also the Yi Jin Jing (looking remarkably similar to the Ba Duan Jin); did he not instruct the inside as well as the outside disciplines or methods? And even if not is it possible that over the millennium, it was introduced by those more enlightened and fully integrated into the original Sanchin as this form contains all these traits of Indian and Chinese origination.

These old exercises have all the required information for the martial artist to maintain their health, vitality and prowess long in the aging process, but it is not simply the exercise and physical fitness many perceive.  It is the combination of the physical processes of releasing and maintaining proper functionality along with a sharp mental clarity and an indefatigable spirit.  And in getting back to the core concepts and vital points.






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