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Here on Kyusho.com we have said time and time again, there is so much in the old Bubishi, but certain keys are needed to unlock the rest.  And it also contains layers that all open when prior keys and layers have been accessed.

These keys that unlock this ancient manual, such as;  The 36 Vital Targets, The explanation of the two Animal Methods (not styles), the Zodiac Postures, Times, Body Change and in essence all of it... we give you the first two (and most important) in the newest Vlog.

We guess the better questions are; "Why didn't we see this before" or "Why didn't our instructors teach this to us"?  How can I learn it to help my Martial Art Skills?

As always the real learning is in experience, we urge you to take this and all information presented and TRAIN IT.  As these documented methods and targets were based on real life and death struggle, reading alone will not help... but  it can start you on the path of self discovery.



(from Evan Pantazi's written introduction for the Vital Point section of Patrick McCarthy's newest edition of the Bubishi)

The Busbishi was intentionally a record of the more destructive applicational methods against the blood and organ system of the opponent along with the tactical deployment in weapon and hand to hand combative use.  However for most this is not an acceptable possibility due to the ethics, modern laws, societal advancement and other such factors.  With the insights provided in the Bubishi, the more benign nerve system of Kyusho can easily be substituted for safer and more instantaneous control of an opponent even from a smaller, weaker individual.  Where this manual was originally intended for combat on an ancient battlefield; the times have changed, but the need has not... this manual still serves its original purpose.


Read more and watch for the first to keys in the film (Vlog-21 lick here) added to the Platinum Subscription free of charge.


Along with Gary Rooks, a growing team of Medical, Scientific and Training (Therapists, Body Workers and Martial Artists) professionals, more is revealed each day.




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