Weight-ScaleIt's a new year and many want to loose weight...don't do it!


Yup this time of year many people say they will loose weight to be  healthier, look better or be happier, but there are 5 things that dang scale will not tell you!

Let's face it, the older we get the less important certain things become and obsessing about your weight is one that needs to go.  You should kiss those constant weigh ins goodbye and throw out the scale as well as there are many things the scale can’t and wont tell you.

1. Your Muscles
Most people believe that muscle weighs more than fat, but the truth is, a pound is a pound.  Yes the difference is density (muscle is about 18% more dense than fat) and one pound of muscle occupies less space (by volume) than one pound of fat.  So if you’re turning fat into muscle the scale may not budge, but you will be leaner. Satrin

2. Your Body Fat
You must also remember; the scale doesn’t measure is body fat percentage.  If you are always (and only) looking for the scale to change and aren’t aware of your body fat percentage you could be setting yourself up for various health problems. As an example; someone weighing in at 125 may think they are "skinny” and therefore healthy, but have a body fat percentage of 30% or higher (which is considered obese) and be unhealthy.  So do not go by your weight, it is far better to measure you body fat content.

3. Size Matters
Another way to judge your body is simply how you look in your clothes.  Losing inches (as fat is transformed into lean tissue) is a far more important and correct way to judge your status than a bathroom scale, so maybe use a tape measure every once in awhile as well.  Whereas muscle is denser than fat look to drop a size or two instead of obsessing (and collecting partial measure)  about the number on that scale.  Use those "favorite jeans" as your guide as it is far more accurate than the number on that scale.

4. Fluctuations SNAFU
Your weight fluctuates, daily, hourly...so forget it.  If you are constantly looking at a scale number multiple times a day or even daily you are setting yourself up for disappointment (oh yeah and failure as you give up).  Everything matters to a scale... what you just ate, the level of sodium you’ve consumed, whether you just worked out or women; what time of the month it is, can all affect your (Scale) weight.  Fluctuations are completely normal.

5. EmotionalContent
The most critical aspect of gaining health is that the scale does not measure your happiness.  Most believe if they were only at such and such a weight number, then life would be so much better and they would be happier.  Your emotional "Health and Wellness" is better experienced via the value you bring to your family, friends and the world, Not a number on a scale.  So stop trying to change your weight, instead start fully living your present life by being active and smart in choices for food as food is your medicine, activity is your protection... that is the vital point.


P.S. - Kyusho Helps
Now that you have a better game plan, how does Kyusho fit in or how can it help?

If you have too much fat content, it is pretty much a given that the pressure around organs and muscles also impact the nerves.  As an example the extra fat can place pressure on the smaller sensory nerves of the body, which then cause imbalances and further issues.  When the nerve system is out of balance it impacts not only sensory, but motor and autonomic function as well.  With nerve massage methods found via the study of Kyusho (first from need in the first aid aspect,then later through decades of research, refinement and experiential use), the stimulation in certain pattern can aid in greater function in all areas such as; digestion, respiration, mobility, organ function, circulation and more.

These specific nerve massages can help you in that quest for weight loss along with all of the aspects above...and it makes you feel invigorated and just plain good (see step 5).  Contact us for more information on this process.

Please change your mindset on weight, don't loose it... when you loose something you always look to find it again... instead seek your perfect self.




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