Miyamoto.MusashiSun.TzuZhan Shi  ( 戰士 ) Mandarin for Warrior or Bushi  ( 武士 ) they were the scholars and warriors of ancient times.

Kyusho as we all understand, means "Vital Point", but most get caught purely in the physical realm.

There exists two ancient and universally revered texts of strategy, combat and deep understanding in the weaknesses or the vital points in engagement.  These are: "The Book of 5 Rings" by Miyamoto Musashi and the older "Art of War" by Sun Tzu.

Old knowledge or shared experiences like these two mentioned texts are universal in scope as they only convey the inherent weaknesses in man.  They were observed, refined, documented and experienced battles in warrior to warrior combat of the weaknesses of man.

Each are Bubishi's developed in other times and locations, but on a mental and spiritual (not religious) level.  These far supersede the physical as without the mental knowledge of how or the spiritual why and when, the physical actions are infinitely weak.

Miyamoto Musashi, is the consummate warrior of the spiritual realm... forging through time and experience the essence of man's soul and will.  He recorded for history the profound power of the inner will and the emptying of the thoughts that can and do restrict the spirit.  To be in tune with the vibrations of the universe and not merely mortal encasings... "study this well".

Sun Tzu, the consummate warrior of the mind, saw the mental weaknesses of the enemy and capitalized on them.  He recorded the profound vital points of the mind of the warriors who wage battle and the power of the mental being... "Know thy self, know thy enemy. A thousand battles, a thousand victories".

There are also several authors and those even unknown of revered texts and scrolls, such as the Bubishi, with noteable others recording similar physical weaknesses of the body.  These are profound in the scope of scientific anatomical vital points of the body are on the basic level of combatives...  "winning technique".

One of the reasons that Kyusho is not yet universal in acceptance (besides a lot of hokey crappola taught and of course false prophets of it), is that people only concentrate on the physical, trying to make themselves the biggest and baddest.  But in their over exuberance in the physical, they miss so much in the other realms that would comprise a total warrior.  What good does it do if you are the highest skilled martial artist if another with stronger spirit overwhelms you, or when the mental warrior sets you up to defeat yourself?

However there is a structure and systematic process for developing these vital areas to become a complete Kyusho warrior... this is the vital point, practiced correctly.  If you are in search of a complete Kyusho education that will put you far ahead of the others, we are here to help you... it is not easy, but it is challenging and it will bring you to a full education, if want it...  Start Here




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