The biggest mistake most Kyusho instructors make is bringing Kyusho into their school curriculum.

Yes when an instructor first gets involved in Kyusho there are very real and common steps they go through.

  1. Excitement: they find the secret they all knew was there, what they searched for, what the heard of in myths and legends... it really is real!
  2. Frustration: that they did not find this earlier in their studies and they feel far behind others.
  3. Urgency: they move to learn it as fast as they can to make up for perceived time lost.
  4. Distracted: all else is put aside to train and get better at this new information (revelation).
  5. Absorbed: everything must involve their new direction.
  6. Etc.

None of these steps are bad... they fuel the instructor and give new energy, enthusiasm and the original student mentality to learn everything now.  But in this urgency they overwhelm their students and share (Force) it with their students.  They believe they are doing their students a great service, but it is quite the opposite. This will eventually lead to lower enrolment numbers (which will erroneously be blamed on everything from economy to summer is coming).  The reasons are innumerous for the departing students that range from dislike of pain or dysfunction, fear or the instructors passion and goals are not what that student originally signed on for.

This is especially true for professional trainers and school owners as their livelihood is based on student numbers.  Why bring something into a working curriculum or program (which at first thought would excite students), that will eventually cause many students to leave and jeopardize all they worked for?  Why introduce a change that people resist.... why burden them when most seek diversion and exercise?  When they begin to leave, they will not tell you the real reason, rather they give another reason that is more palatable for the instructor so there is a smoother transition out .

Fortunately there is another way so that the instructor can develop their understanding and skills at the same time help others find what they themselves did to perpetuate the art, while at the same time not pushing it on those that do not want it.  This method also gets the students far more intrigued and invested in their original style of Martial Art... which increases student retention and even reclamation of past students... Kyusho is a very powerful tool that will help many students and instructors alike.

Please remember, Kyusho is a special knowledge, not meant for everyone... when you force it on people, it responds inlike.

So if you are a Martial Arts instructor, do not fall into this trap, protect yourself from your exuberance over this incredible information... contact us, we can help.





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