VlogVlog = Video Log

This will be the first in a monthly video presentation answering your questions, discussing various targets, reactions, affects, methods and any and all areas of Kyusho.

It will be integrated along with special sections exclusively for Platinum Subscribers... as our commitment to service and your full Kyusho Education.

In this introductory Vlog not only introduce the service but also tackle the most popular question I get via email, seminars, Facebook and other communications.

It is a more personal approach to your learning and really understanding this amazing thing called Kyusho.

We will have videos of KO's with critique that will better help you understand covering, tools, KO's, techniques, energy transfer, affects, revivals and all aspects of Kyusho.

This service will also stand as our Platinum Subscribers ongoing new releases with clips from international seminars and classes, workouts, explorations, studies, short documentaries and more.  Our aim is to keep you on the cutting edge and ahead of all the others in the field.

We invite you to get this new addition to the Kyusho.com experience along with Anatomical Charts, Full Video Releases, Archives and so much more as we continually update and advance your horizons in Kyusho... click here for the Platinum Subscription



My first Point of focus mentioned in the Video: