The Same Message

No doubt Kyusho Knockouts are fascinating, intriguing thousands of Avid Martial Artists from around the world.

As you watch the Kyusho Knockouts in the background in this intro, later to include full Interviews, you will the message was always the same. Throughout all the countries and in-numerous courses, the message has always been ... Kyusho is not Pressure Points, it is Vital Targets, Structures, Anatomy, Physiology, Functionality. Early on, the focus was to wean people from this man made and erroneous pedagogy of TCM Pressure Points and into what the old Masters documented, Real Anatomical Structures and the Real Ramifications.

In these days past, there was only the TCM model, so to get people to understand the Old Masters Kyusho, they needed to be slowly educated against that model. This was not an easy task as many felt they had wasted prior years of training or just could not accept the new (actually old and original) model. But those that made the effort and trained the Real Kyusho, made huge gains in skills and understanding that enabled their own research to deepen and the learning curve to shrink.

As you watch these interviews from years ago, (full interviews on the extended podcast to avoid copyright issues, even though the rights have been obtained), listen to the message, the Vital Point is Real Anatomy, Physiology and Functionality.

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affects in the private extended sections below.

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