No it is not a pressure point, nor is it even a physical structure or entity.

The Vital Point in any and all things is information.

In Kyusho for Martial Arts we need correct information to work it properly and to its most efficient degree, (but it is vital to understand the most important facet of everything you do so time and life quality are not impeded).

One problem (and saving factor at the same time), is the Internet.

There is so much information out there (this is great, especially compared to the past), however it is hard to separate what is valuable and what is not, what is real and what is not, what is true and what is not.

What will help you decipher the good from the not good...actual training.  How do you gain this information varies, but I would emphatically state the best source is through collection then systematic sifting via actual experience.

The information (and especially when combined with training or actual utilization of that information), can help you be prepared.  Most times you will succeed if prepared and not succeed when caught off guard (not prepared).  This pertains especially for emergency training, if you do not train for specific emergency situations,  (training on stairs, in elevators, crowds, cars, etc.), then if an emergency situation occurs in this environment, then you will be less effective and less likely to have success or safety.

CAUTION: Information is only good if you act on it, merely knowing something means little.  Once you are aware of a need, train or prepare accordingly.

This is the very best time to learn the principles of Kyusho, it is the very best time to secure your future, in fact it is the very best time for all aspects of your life if you have the correct information.


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