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One of the other revivals we had developed and was quite controversial... probably still is by Kyusho's critics.  But for the people that have used this method (including some EMT's) fully understand the need as well as the vital importance of this method.

Now to calm the controversy, we do not deliberately try to stop a persons heart just to test the method.  However we do and have worked to severely constrict the full upper thoracic body.  This must be released as prolonged constriction will bring about many other health issues we have experience, if not corrected.  These can include, cessation of breathing, severe chest pain, full body lock up, nausea, fear, panic and more.  So this is a very valuable and needed restoration.

The method feels like an electrical shock jumps through the chest. This will unlock the body constriction and dysfunction, as it opens the body and un-restricts the diaphragm, lungs, bronchial tubes and yes the heart.

CV-18What to watch for

When you review the film (and it is suggested to really watch it a few times to see and even empathize with the individual) to see the affects of the attack as well as the restoration.


We see the body instantly fold into a fetal position as the chest constricts first, then the front of the neck, abdomen and the quadriceps muscles of the legs.  The body folds into the fetal position placing a lot of compression on the inner structures.  You can also hear the breath expel vibrating the vocal cords in the process.


When the restoration is applied, we can see the body unlock as the legs and arms extend, the back arches to release the inner constriction and pressure.  We can even hear the breathing process normalize.  It also cleared the impaired level of consciousness as well as eyesight.  The fade to black of his sight was caused by a drop in blood pressure due to the affects on the autonomic system.


The First Aid information is the most important in Kyusho make sure you fully understand these vital restorations.

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