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So many people copy Kyusho from YouTube or see people in seminars working and they just copy what they see with no understanding of what is really transpiring inside the body.  Without this understanding their knowledge and skill stagnates and remains mired in past accomplishment and possibility.

So it is throughout most Kyusho organizations as well, but we made the commitment to understand and deepen Kyusho continuously.  So let's take the time to understand a vital point about the revival or restorative measures in Kyusho.

The Seated Position

The two reasons we sit the victim up with crossed legs and arms, are to unground the individual from the earth and retain the electrical stimulus to the body instead of releasing it into the earth.

Now on this particular restoration, we want the electrical stimulation to rise, not drop toward the floor.  So by crossing the legs taking the Posterior Cutaneous Femoral nerve from direct contact with the ground... so the electrical surge does not exit at that junction.

The palms are also turned down on the floor to act as the ground so the electrical surge, travels up through the diaphragm stimulating the correct response from that muscle.

We can see from the film that the affects are dramatic, medically we have not been able to substantiate this reaction, however from experience with hundreds of needed lung restorations we know it works.

For the full detailed analysis of the restorations for Kyusho please see Kyusho First Aid


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