ChinaRobber_295What is a Violence Center?

It is the most likely place where crime and physical violence is likely to occur in increasingly bad economic times.

First what is wrong with this picture?  If you said someone was robbed and injured yes absolutely that is a problem, but there is more.

  1. The "Security" camera caught the crime, but did not stop it... no security camera will and that is a problem, people think they are secure, but they really are not.
  2. The person that went to the ATM was not a victim of their "Normalcy Bias"  and totally not "Situationally Aware" .
  3. The victim decided to go to the ATM at night when there would be fewer witnesses or deterrent factor for the perpetrator.

This type of crime is rampant in several countries of Asia, but will become the norm everywhere especially during the collapse when ATM, Credit Cards and Checks will not work.  But this is not the only type of violence center... the gas stations, food markets, banks, supply stores all will become violence centers when people become desperate.

I remember in the 1970's during the US gas crisis, the gas stations became a violence center (and that was a time when people had more morals, character and compassion), how do I know... I worked at one and saw it first hand, people fighting because they waited in line for hours for an "Allotted" purchase.  No one saw it coming, it just happened... well some were prepared like myself... I heard there was talk of shortages that many dismissed because it couldn't happen in the USA... so dismissed the warnings.  What I did was get a job pumping gas, that way my family and I would always have access... I was unaware people could act as they did, can't predict everything.

Look at what happens at food stores during a storm, when mobs wipe out the shelves... recently we had a scare like Virginia had recently where the water supply was tainted, there was no water to be found in any store... but people went above and beyond, clearing the shelves not only of water, but drinks and food as well.  People fought, mob mentality takes over when some were too late and there are only scraps to fight for... and fight they did... and WILL.

Kyusho translates into the Vital Point... being understanding the dynamics not just of a weaker anatomical point, but of the weakness in the human, mentally and spiritually (not religion) as well as physically.  As a Kyusho Practitioner you prepare for physical confrontation, but you must also prepare with strategy and awareness as well.

I have been writing about this for years, but now more and more pundits are now stating that as turmoil begins in riots, shortages and other such events there will be centers where you can expect it to be even more dangerous... centers of violence.  The first I heard was Jeff Berwick from  now Jim Willie has been discussing this lately as well... this is no joke, no conspircy theory, nor is it even implausible... it is inevitable so it is best to prepare this in your life.  Here is an article I wrote for "The Dollar Vigilante" (TDV) back in 2010, it is just the tip of the iceberg... prepare yourself accordingly:

Are you really Prepared?

With all the great services and informational sources like "The Dollar Vigilante" warning and preparing us for the inevitable dollar crises now taking place, many of us are somewhat prepared or at least working toward that goal.

Many have switched financial holdings, stored food, looked or are actively involved in expatriation, maybe prepared their home (hope you are… but this is a complete topic by itself), for social unrest or increasingly desperate acts of desperate people.  But how many are mentally and physically preparing them self for physical conflict?

You can hire security, but unless you are a head of state, it will not be feasible to have 24/7 protection.  Most of us need to drive somewhere, shop for food, we work and recreate on our own or with our families and in today’s world we are always being watched by someone.  This may seem strange to many and possibly seem to be paranoia, but read the statistics and police reports (which only accounts for a small percentage of actual attacks).

Jeff Berwick (editor and creator of the Dollar Vigilante) has graciously given me an opportunity to write a bit for the TDV blog from time to time… on self-protection.  It will range from tactical approaches, to down and dirty hand-to-hand methods to protect yourself or family.  Let’s start with the mind as that is above and beyond any physical method, in the scope of Tactics…

The vital point in any endeavor is a single key element.



Do you realize that you are being watched, sized up or scrutinized everyday (and not just by the government)… as an example, have you ever stood in front of an ATM?  Do you not think that everyone has looked at you standing there with your back to the world?  Do you suppose that maybe a few wondered how much you were withdrawing?  Can you understand that maybe one or two even thought of what they would do with a bit of extra cash?  Or have followed you with their eyes to your car… looking at the opportunities or pitfalls?  Or did you not even give it a second thought?

Have you been approached by someone looking for a hand out or some spare change?  Have you watched their positioning (they are aware and scoping your every action), have you kept their whole body and both hands in view?  Have you been aware of your surroundings as this one person has diverted your attention or changed your awareness of your surroundings?  And what if that person or more suddenly reached for you, grabbed you or began moving you (even verbally), to another position (out of sight)?  Can you remove the danger or threat?

Many people have begun carrying a firearm... and instantly feel protected.  But the question is can they get to it in time if surprised or are they always carrying it or can they even use it?  Can you safely stop the attack without taking innocents lives; can you walk out a front door of a restaurant and deploy it if the assailant is already on you?  Have they even trained with it other than at a sterile shooting range, can they clear a malfunction, deploy or fire on the move to cover?  The questions are infinite… the real question though is can you cope?

Let's face the truth, there is no one perfect solution to protection, either financially or physically.  We must use a combination of sound and tactical strategies that will withstand the stress, adrenaline and expect the unexpected incapacitated facilities we all depend on.  You must have personal mental and physical self-protection, as well as develop situational awareness to respond to one or more physical assailants.  It is not Martial Arts you need (For all those that train please understand that I have nothing against them as I am a professional with 36 years of experience), but it is beyond that.  We must train Tactically with shorter, faster and more direct approaches that incorporate the psychological, emotional and physical skills to understand and cope under the savage stress and related impositions.

Being aware of anything means little if you do not act on it.

Lets start with some tactics before we get into the actual hand to hand as it is easier to convey by written word and if you can develop the Tactical Mindset, you may very well never need it.

Look at the ATM Tactically; first you must know you are being watched and possible chosen… once you know this and start being aware or “Vigilant” yourself, you instantly become less of a target… you must take action.  As example never use an outside ATM, if you must use one find an inside location in a very public and crowded space and look at your surroundings and people in it.  Do not go in a private ATM with others you do not know… (At least no one will be looking over your shoulder for your PIN code… or have you even considered this)?

Things to look for:

  1. Are there suspicious characters around or in line behind you?
  2. Does the overhead lighting look like it has been sabotaged?
  3. If anything trips warning bells in your head go to another ATM.
  4. Don't establish a pattern of using the same machine all the time... they are watched.
  5. If you do need to use a Private ATM, bring a door shim to prevent someone from entering behind you… yes they may think you are crazy if they are not a thief, but a thief will definitely know you are aware and seek weaker victims.
  6. Visualize in you mind what you would if something does happens; role-playing is a must all the time.
  7. Preparing the subconscious for the possibility of trouble at an ATM and Stay Aware!

How to be safer:

  1. Keep cash at home at all times
  2. Always go to an ATM in daylight highly trafficked areas
  3. Scan the area before you approach the ATM
  4. Never go at night
  5. Travel with a friend to watch behind you
  6. Bring a wedge to bar the door from opening until you are ready to leave
  7. Be discreet and never let cash show
  8. THINK



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