Sound is a vibration

Gary Rooks is the leading Kyusho Researcher in the world today for the fields of Health & Wellness as well as Martial Application.

What he has given the Martial Arts is exemplary as he was FIRST to uncover the affects of Sound (with relation to Whooping and Shouting Crane Method), in relation to Kyusho.  This art was personally transmitted via an Old White Crane Master who's lineage was in the Gokenki line and had long retreated into obscurity.

Gary Rooks has contributed even greater reality for Kyusho with work in the epic treaty of the Bubishi with many more advanced methods developed.

But the real benefit he has yielded to humanity is his ability to help people in their most dire time and health, with stunning near 100% result in the field of fertility, helping many couples become families.  Work with stroke victims, lightning strike victims, those with terrets and other such neurological issues, the list too long to extrapolate in this written media.

Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affects in the private extended sections below.

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