ST-38-39-40ST-38, 38 & 40:

Few Kyusho practitioners work with these two points as they focus on more popular targets. It is possible that they do not illustrate more dramatic leg motion and as such disregarded by instructors concerned with Kyusho's appearance over functionality and even practicality in many cases.

But as one progresses in actual applied skill under a more dynamic and stressfully urgent training program or emergency need, the value of these points begin to be more clear and vital to that practitioner.

The targets are an exposed or accessible branch of the superfiscial peronial nerve (and peronial nerve with a greater penetrating strike), between the tibia and fibula of the leg and under the tibialis anterior muscle of the lower leg.

Kicking this target upward and inward toward the center of the lower leg will cause great pain and paralysis (watch this term as many in Kyusho will begin to copy and "work" with the concept).

Both induced reactions will temporarily dysfunction the attacked limb and therefore balance, base, power and mobility of the opponent, if it does not simply drop them instantly.

Residual affects will be the development of foot and or leg cramping as well as muscle knots that induce yet more pain and dysfunction (please see Kyusho First Aid for the remedy to this affect as well as the demonstrated method).

The attack can be lightly delivered for quick shock and stifled physical function, or more heavily attacked for paralysis. A harder and sharper weapon such as the sole of a shoe will dramatically increase the affects of this powerful attack. Shoes are not recommended to experiment with the target until the correct power level - result correlation is fully understood..... Brushing and or damage to vascular tissue may result.

So what is the high target value that this attack yields? Quite simply, it is the accessibility under fast and spontaneous attack with the limitations to the practitioners fine motor during such and episode. This value will reveal itself, within a more dynamic and realistic training program... And as always more experience.