The world today is upside down... with no outlook fo getting any less strange or dangerous. In fact we are living through the Zombie apocalypse now, it's no longer fiction, conspiracy or something we can ignore.

We see riots, desecration of historical monuments, businesses, personal property, even Law Enforcement facilities. We are witnessing streaming videos of Antifa members and groups attack innocent people, just as they did so many times before in history. Most people do not know how to defend themselves, some may have taken a Martial Art at some point, but the sportized method will not help them.

In this extended video, we help you see a few areas of their weakness, no matter how intimidating they may look with hoods, helmets, goggles or glasses and dressed head to to in black. When you see these ominously dressed criminals, learn to use it against them.


Watch the extended film with the method, targets and  affects at these links:


#Kyusho  -ep


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