Uechi Ryu Seisan Kata (Circa 1997)


In Mandarin Chinese, the name translates into Thirteen and is the second of the three core katas.  Usually interpreted as "Thirteen modes of attack and defense" or "13 positions to attack/defend from" (with alternate explanations;  '13 Hands', '13 Fists', '13 Techniques', '13 Steps' or even '13 killing positions')   An alternate meaning is simply "13th Room Kata", being the form synthesized in the 13th room of Shaolin temple, using individual techniques taught in the previous training rooms. This kata combines the "Three Challenges" concept, and the student can go back and recognize and further develop those elements in the previous forms.

As Sanchin embodied more the Crane style of combat, the Kata Seisan is more of the Tiger.  The hand weapons, delivery and intent is aimed more for Deeper Tissue destruction with strength, seizing and tearing functions throughout. The greater use of the Iron Claw Hand (Tiger Claw), Iron Bone Hand (Bushiken), Blood Pool Hand (transferred more to the Hiraken of Modern Uechi - authors opinion), deeper penetration into the Vital Points is clearly evident.

In this explanation of Seisan the focus is only on the Nerve strikes (as the Blood strikes were supposed too dangerous) using them to break down Bunkai from these Kata. They include Vital points, Methods of attack, Tuite (joint manipulations and grappling maneuvers). All these targets and applications do not require strength, speed, size or any physically limiting aspects and that can realistically used in the tight or restrained situations of a real encounter. The series was filmed in 1997 at an open Seminar with actual demonstrations and training.

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