Uechi Ryu Sanchin Kata (Circa 1997)

I met Steve DiOrio in 1996 (3rd Dan in Uechi Ryu at that time) at a JuJitsu AMerica Gathering that I was presenting at. He wanted to know if I could give him a Kyusho explanation for a move from Uechi Seisan. From there we decided to collaborate on a film series that would integrate Kyusho and Uechi Ryu's 3 main Kata Sanchin, Seisan, Sanseiryu. Steve made an appointment with George Mattson (9th Dan) and the first person to bring Uechi to the USA.

Mr. Mattson approved the project and in 1997 we released part 1 of a 3 part series... Sanchin, we filmed this first session as a seminar at Steve DiOrios Uechi class.

Working with this series was also the reason for in depth study of the Bubishi, it's targets and particularly the 6 Ji Hands that are prevalent throughout the Pwang Gai Noon/Uechi Ryu style.  It is one of the very few styles that contain and focus on these specific hand positions to get to the Deep Tissue of the body.  The use of hands not as  bludgeons, but rather daggers (please see Hohan Sokens references to weapons of choice - Hohan Sokens Secret Notes).  This Sanchin also combines transitional torquing type power utilized in the 6 Ji Hands to properly use Kyusho... this is a missing facet in most Kyusho practitioners skill sets.

Please note that views, methods and instructional paradigms have changed considerably. Although the information may be dated as well as the instructional approach, they were landmark productions in their time.

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