4 of 9 Leg Knockouts from Hohan Soken

Affects:  Fainting - Gives severe pains to loin by stimulation of calf bone artery and calf bone nerves and shin artery and bone nerves, and cause loss of motor functions at lower legs. - Hohan Soken

With 9 targets on the opponents legs to cause unconsciousness or fainting, many possibilities open up to the Kyusho Practitioner. Imagine being able to cause unconsciousness with a low kick, foot sweep, stomping action or even a kneeing action. Well then add the possibilities as well with punches, elbows, leg cranks and pins... how would that change your ground game?

These targets can be used in long range sparring, clench position, standing grappling and even ground grappling. And for self defense it's a must.

Uchikuroboshi is a Kyusho target on the opponents ankle that is easy to use, versatility in tools to use against it, application in any Martial Arts Endeavor... this is a must know target.

To learn the method, targets and see the affect in real time, the extended films are located at these links:

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