There are layers upon layers of depth within the Bubishi, so we must first realize the outer layer or first Key to unlock other layers and Keys.

The first layer Western Cultures must get past is the way or thinking and being.  Asian culture from which the Bubishi stemmed is founded in the realm of duality, that of Yin and Yang, without this understanding the Karate (or any Asian thought process), is impossible to decipher and or gain the depth within.

So when we see in this manual, the terms Black and White, we must not dismiss them as colorful language, they have deep meaning and further interpretational paradigms for the individual "Articles" (so labeled Chapters within the book).   As example there is a "White" Crane and a"Black" Tiger presented within the text.  These colors have deeper meaning than just color... and if we miss this Key, the information deep inside the "Articles" and the Methods are forever hidden.

White Crane - Tensho

The designation of White is the designation of Yang, the Crane and it's concepts, methods and applications are Yang by nature. If we try to perform White Crane as Yin in nature it will never reveal the true potency or capability.

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