Deep Internal Structure

Kyusho is not the study of acupuncture points for Martial Purposes, it is the study of Real Anatomy.

Now many areas of the body with these acupuncture points, once you dig past the "Point" there can be vital underlying structures...but not in all cases and why all "Pressure Points" are not valid for use.

When you start looking at real structures and understand how to access them past the surface of the "Points", your affect on the opponent is deeper and more devastating to their whole system.

Many also confuse the Facial Nerves as a part of the Trigeminal, but the Facial Nerves are far more superficial and therefore not as potent as the Trigeminal.

The Trigeminal Nerve emanates directly from the brain stem and is deep within the skull... with only 3 access locations.



"Pressure Points" are watered down Kyusho" - Evan Pantazi


40 Minute Short Course

In this months Short Course, we look at the targeting, tools and trajectory needed to access the Trigeminal Nerve.

The affects are completely different from many other nerve attacks as to their affects.... this 40 minute film of a course on it is available exclusively for our

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Special Thanks to the practitioners:

They sacrificed their Kyusho Fighting Class to film this tutorial short course for you.

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