Hidden in Plain Sight

Concussion, Constriction, Compression

The process of entering.

The progression in fighting over the past years, decades and centuries... has changed time.

In recent times we have seen the progression (regression in historical perspective), from Striking or Concussion based Arts, like Boxing, Karate, Wing Chun, etc. to Constriction.

In the original UFC we saw the Concussive Arts take precedence, until the closer range fighting style of Constriction (under the Gracie Family), took precedence.  Now this is not to say that the Concussive Arts are mute, however we can see once the range is body to body,the Constrictive methods do have advantage.

There is yet another level in Compression.


Karate & Kyusho

In the Karate world there is a resurgence of lost processes and training that brings the entering range back from history.  Karate used to contain all ranges of attack from Concussion (Punching, Kicking, Elbows and Knees), to Constriction with (Grappling Methods, Joint Destruction) and even Compression (Kyusho).

And there are a few great Instructors bringing the entering aspects back to the forefront from deeply hidden past practices.


Masaji Taira

We see Goju Ryu's Masaji Taira Sensei, now expounding on Kakie and Entering into Body to Body range as he demonstrates Kata application from that entered range.

Taira Senseiis best known as a researcher and practitioner of the bunkai of the Goju Ryu kata.  He is unusually open in his teachings, feeling that the techniques and learning must be shared, for their preservation and to test their effectiveness.

His masterful Kakie (Chi Sao of sorts), lead into a close quarter use of Kata Bunkai close striking methods and joint control.




Hanshi Patrick McCarthy

Renowned for his Historical knowledge of the old fighting methods of Karate such as Shime Waza (Choking) and Tegumi (Grappling).

Tegumi (手組) is an old form of wrestling from Okinawa, which evolved from a primitive form of grappling self-defense, which was constantly being adapted and enhanced as it was exposed to outside influences.

From the Concussive range of the Kakie, to the Constrictive range of Tegumi, he weaves the Kata Bunkai into progressive passive aggressive application.



In Kyusho we employ the three ranges of fighting, of Concussion (Striking Range), Constriction (Grappling Range) as well as Compression (Internal Range).  Within this range there are also two dynamics, being Electrical (Nerve related) and Hydraulic (Blood related) or fighting the internal body structures of the opponent instead of the external structures of muscle, bone and joints.  Now these are all of course under the skin and there for internal to a degree, but the affects on the physiological functions is far different and vastly more efficient.

Once you closed the Concussive range and inside where the Constriction is viable, you also have the combined effect of both with the Compression's.  These are found in all Kata, all Grappling, and all skill sets such as Tegumi's... add Kyusho to your complete skill set.




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