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The vital point in any change such as diminishing an attacker to a non aggressor or like liquid changing to gas, is transference.

Making the change from your electrical physical actions to the reaction or response in an opponent, health client or intimate partner is also such a transference.

In fact the entire applied Kyusho spectrum is the ability to enact a transference on another individual.

To accomplish this....

...we must first understand the anatomy, functions, correlations and affects prior to attaining a high level of skill.  This must also be based on actual structures and physiology as opposed to man made and theoretical models.  It is not just a matter of hitting or touching a specific point, we must direct our kinetic or motion initiated energies (not Chi), into the recipients nervous system.  We must know the nerve structure and use the proper trajectory of sensory input. But it is not just our energetic input or stimulus, it is working with the structures natural function, we are just the inertia.

To accomplish a transference we start with a movement of some sort to begin the electrical stimulation, shock or vibration that will be transferred into the receiving individual (s).  This requires an excitation beginning with thought either in the conscious or unconscious mind.

We all begin Kyusho training in the conscious mind and where most remain due to incorrect use of theories as well as linking or patterning point combinations (even using pressure points).  This simple conception of "points" also traps the practitioner in the conscious state as they conceive of a specific target as opposed to simply targeting.  The task then is to transfer to the subconscious where the more powerful responses, energy and abilities communicate and transfer unrestricted.  This can not be accomplished with the typical Kyusho training most instructors use.

You can tell instantly if you are in a conscious or subconscious learning mode by asking yourself a simple question:  Am I duplicating or replicating a technique or pattern that requires thought and constant attempts to achieve?  Instead if you are acting spontaneously and recognizing your unconscious targeting then you are training correctly.

This may seem too complex to understand, but is simple to implement... And profound in affect.  However it does take time and dedication to fully ingrain.

The benefit to this transference within yourself, is then the new ability to  transfer your intention, energy and affect on others far more readily and completely is profound and liberating.

This training is also the initiation of what we are classifying into the duality of the Tiger and Crane effect training that was uncovered first in the healing modality and discovered embedded in the ancient texts.




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