Kyusho is in unprecedented times as more and more people realize its efficiency and potential.

Because of the power of the Internet this body of knowledge has spread globally in a very short time. Instructors of all styles are eager to incorporate the Kyusho into their personal styles and now the resurgence is turning back into traditional styles more and more.

However it is a slower process as few of those instructors are being accepted by the seniors of their particular styles. Shotokan, Aikido, Tai Chi, Wing Chun and most others have roots to Kyusho but this poses a great problem for many of these styles seniors.

The difficulty lay in various aspects like; resistance to change, fear to admit there is more to learn, not wanting to start anew and several others. Where tradition is a foundation it can also be and obstacle as well.

As a community we will eventually prevail as our generation slowly become the seniors.



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