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Not all tools are created equal, there are some that are designed for concussive strikes, some designed for compressive actions and some were designed for positional use.An old hand formation from the 6 hands of Shaolin, was the single blade of grass hand... this particular hand was not intended for striking, although many claim it is. The caveat with this idea of striking is that vast hand or tool conditioning must take place to use it effectively and along with that comes deformation and partial crippling of the joints. Along the way this "Single Blade of Grass" hand mutated to better enable striking with greater force and less conditioning... that being the tool named Shoken, Phoenix Eye Fist or

Tiger Tooth.

It must however be stated that with the Kyusho training, the tool does not need conditioning or many years of training to become a useful and powerful tool to incapacitate the opponent.


A Tiger does not strike it's prey with it's teeth, it strikes, paralyzes and controls it with it's claws to the point where it can...

See the Full video of targets, tools and demonstrations

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