Sanchin Kata Bunkai for a Waist Tackle

This film today is to answer a question that was proposed on Facebook about starting a discussion on Sanchin and its martial applications. Of course people said; yeah let's start it, but not too many people actually engaged. One person in particularly did engage and I thank him very much for doing so.

So how do you put martial application into Sanchin?

I know that most people only use Sanchin as an exercise, or as a philosophical approach, but they don't go into the self-defense applications. It is a very simple looking kata or form, so it might seem difficult to derive some self defense applications, but within the simplicity there lies an infinite amount of technique you can discover. It's when you get into complex moves, that you have to get more specific in a defined direction and application or Bunkai.

The topic was the opening movement of Sanchin of the "Thrusting Nukites" from Pangainoon/Uechi versions, or the meeting ridgehands in Goju and other Styles. In the Pangainoon or Uechi version, you'll see that the hands thrust down in Nikite hand tools, then their fists clench as they rise and split outward before unfurling. In the Goju Sanchin, the hands will come together in Nukite positions and then they step out into their Sanchin Dachi (stance), as the hands cross and clecnh into fists. The fists then split outward as they rotate outward as well.

Here I am presenting several applications for those actions in both versions of Sanchin. The one of these applications that came up in the discussion was a use for a waste tackle. However this is not the only uses for the Kata actions, it's only limited by your mind, your approach, your skill and what you're trying to accomplish. If you think this as only an exercise or the body posture, then that's what you're going to be limited to. Let's go into an idea about the application now in the Pangainoon/Uechi version about the waiste tackle to start.

See the other knockouts and learn how to do them in the extended film - running time 21 Minutes

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