20130603-112042.jpgThe three pillars of Kyusho are a universal law of nature.

Learn (your Education) we all start at the same place and found a hidden truth. We researched and expend great efforts we can t learn and understand this truth. We then need to filter the input down to the most efficient and supportive information to focus on only the fundamental aspects as we ignore the superfluous and vast input of information available and unnecessary for our success.

Act (your applied use of learned information) we at some point realize we only have a memorized batch of information, but to realize the true worth and value, we must put it into action as opposed to merely pontificating on others work.   Without action any information is worthless and takes time from our real productive potentials.  We need to act to succeed, otherwise our success will only ever be in our minds.

Help (your responsibility to helping others realize their possibilities and potentials).  True success can only be realized by helping others realize success by using your learned and experienced actions to help others through the same process.  Once you have learned and acted to produce a level of success, you must help other achieve that success.  You must help them pass the barriers of mere mental memorization into actions that prove their success in realized actual skill.

So you read something or see it in a video, great you are now aware that Kyusho exists and see how it works to affect another (be it in health, protection or intimacy).  But at this point it is only information or entertainment, until you put it into actual application on another individual.  Once you do this and actualize Kyusho you have really learned it, however there is more that can be learned!  You see if one person can do something that is an individual talent, but not necessarily a constant.  To develop it to a constant or reality on a far broader scope, you must also see others you share the method with also gain success.  This expands the applicability, validation as well as perpetuation.  Perpetuation is vital for continued advancement and validation as many concepts that do not advance stagnate and decline in value.

Don't rely on one pillar or even two, get pro-active to really open new possibilities and potentials for yourself (and others, after all what good is a secret if you can't share it).




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