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Many Kyusho people waste so much valuable time on useless information, theory and yes even pressure points.

Some points are good for health, but not so much for protective measures, like L-5 or LI-10, yet many people spend a ton of time experimenting and teaching these points.

As example, many people use the above mentioned points as targets, yet do not plan on their inaccessibility from the opponent simply tightening their fist (could happen in an attack right?), and the surrounding muscles constricting to protect the underlying never.

Now remember the "Pressure Point" or "Acupuncture Point" is still there, yet is will not work... so you need to ask yourself... "self is this really a pressure point or acupuncture point I am trying to get to work"?

Whatever target you decide to work with for yourself, learn what it actually is, then train it in any and all possible situations to fully understand if it will work under that attack, conditions, situations ect., do not just take a taught point (by anyone) and assume it will work for you all the time.






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