The Wedge is your Hedge

This concept of proactive self defense is a keystone of Kyusho principles and workability. As Kyusho seeks to insert kinetic force into an opponent, the act of a purely defensive move of stepping back or to the side, send your energy off in those particular directions and makes it harder to rebound your kinetic force back into your opponent.


Many times in the videos and blogs, the statement; "Kyusho Entering", has been used. This is the Kinetic force of your Body, Mind and Spirit coming into the oncoming opponent to disrupt the physiology and functionality. This is accomplished in several steps:

  • First it pre-empts their attack by attacking their attack in transit and not allowing it to fulfill it's full force, landing or subsequent ability to continue on.
  • It attacks the opponents weaker structures as their body is initiating the attack with their protective muscle, tendons and other body structures in motion and more vulnerable.
  • It focuses your entire
  • ...

    Learn the application, the anatomy, tool, trajectory and see the affects in the private extended sections below.

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