ST-5, ST-6, GB-Cluster

These are the typical targets of many a Kyusho practitioners... but this Traditional Chinese Medical Term, designation or "Pressure Point", is not what a Kyusho Practitioner should be aiming at.  As when they aim at a so called "Pressure Point" they are not getting the full physiological impact of Kyusho on the function of the body... it is a limited affect that holds many back from achieving Kyusho's full potential.

In the Platinum Subscription Charts, we will be adding more in depth look at each anatomical target and show you exactly what you can attack and how to create the best affects.

These videos will include the anatomical 3D drawings as in this film so we can show why so many people have difficulty with "Pressure Points", but when they switch to Real Anatomical Kyusho, they improve so quickly with far greater affects and results.

This is just an introduction into a new age of Kyusho for you.

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