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431135main_WndTunl_GPN-2000-001918_fullStrict Protocols:

In Kyusho International we have always maintained a set of strict protocols for our training programs and processes.

These protocols always been integrated in the refinement of our training programs and criteria for advancement. They can only be fully realized as to the benefit derived in physical skill when strictly adhered to.

Each year we do research on the medical or scientific side, we work until we have assimilated the findings in training on a personal level, then spend about five years working it in the field quietly to observe and experience the results. After we can say assuredly that it actually works in an unbiased way on a high majority of the people we encountered, then we disseminate the information for further correlation and validation through training programs and our instructors. Once that is also validated we then work the program with all the members.

As example the medical study and cadaver work we did 10 years ago became a training method five years ago and then just a year ago, we disseminated this to the instructors in a derivative aspect directly from the ancient Bubishi (hidden well I might add). It has now been well validated and part of the requirements.

As a further example of this... the "Seizing" of Kyusho... this too started in a Medical Study when the nerves of the arm, neck and face were studied in the Cadaver Study set up by Dr. Sergio Espejo.

The study morphed into a greater understanding that first we were not after "Pressure Points" but rather actual structures of the anatomy... you can think about this until you are blue in the face, but seeing and touching the real anatomy is/was an awakening.

From this tactile experience, the process morphed into a drill based training application (which retained the strict protocol of the curriculum, yet expanded it's scope and future possibilities), which in turn lead to diversified skill in the kinetic applications on the nerves with "Compression" (not to be confused with "Pressure" that all Martial Arts know and contain).

This is just a few benefits and skills obtained with using strict protocols for all research and applicational development.

Watching the validated processes unfold is truly satisfying but only possible when structured to insure the integrity to the whole process.  This is essential to yield greater value for others and to insure continued advancement in personal skill, new opportunity and potential in the future and perpetually.

Additional validation arrives when you see others (outside the process involved in other groups of study), copying and publishing themselves working this way.... that means the instructional aspect of each process and protocol are teachable and more importantly learnable.

To create anything, you must have strict protocols to insure quality, development and endurance over time.

We do not release anything until validated in many years of blind field testing and validation.




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