Sharpening the blade

In Kyusho as all other successful ventures, you must constantly refine and hone your skills like the blade of a good knife.

The method must first be created, then taught, then constantly refined with application on hundreds of individuals of all sizes and Martial Skill levels.  It must also be worked with beginners to self protection and especially Kyusho, to insure your program is as easy to learn and apply as it is powerful, efficient and sure.


The conception  of the method or program arises from a lack in another method or program, or a need not yet answered.  From this buds an answer that must adapt for all situations, practitioners and under stressful conditions with simplicity.

Field testing

After you work it for hours, weeks, months and years... you take it on the road.  Working in as many locations and venues as possible to further refine, simplify and advance the potency as well as the adaptability to styles, genders, sizes and individual fighting skill or those devoid of them.


After all these months and years in development do you release it as a program for those wishing to learn it.  So it goes with everything from Kyusho International before it comes to you.


The project start years ago with Kyusho in Nai Han Chi, using the elbow actions of the Kata as opposed to the fists.  Then it was adapted to several situations and styles from Uechi/Pangainoon, to Wing Chun, to Kali, and finally the new Art on the Block KFM, otherwise known as the Keysi Fighting Method.

Now this program does not copy any of these styles, instead it uses concepts and actions seen in these styles and places them into a comprehensive training program... with Kyusho added for increased potential. It started as individual techniques to experiment with, then into more spontaneous and dynamic fighting methods, into to a Kyusho hybrid of these styles in a Tegumi Elbow Training Drill.... and further refined into a seminar or instructional program to fit all and encompass all.

Special New Video Download

Here is the final seminar for training this Kyusho program, filmed in Ecuador December, 2016 and presented in both English and Spanish languages.

  • 2.5 hours of film
  • Great Kyusho Targets
  • 6 steps of training
  • Additional Kyusho fighting methods
    • Tuite, grappling and ground protection.
  • Energy Restoration Process
  • And more...

As this is so long, we are allowing downloads of this seminar.... in English with Spanish Translations.

HD Resolution = Mpeg-4, 32 bit, 1920 x 1080 (5.67 gb)  - Right Click & Save as:

Please keep only for yourself... do not distribute or share, it is greatly appreciated.  -Evan Pantazi

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