20121001-084126.jpgHere's to your Health

The mission of Kyusho International and all representatives, maybe even like your self, is the "Vital Point" of all we do. It must be considered first before anything else as you need participants to help you achieve success.

The "Mission" comes above all.
The "Team" is next in it's importance.
Then the "Individual" will be best served with the first two aspects firmly entrenched.

This may seem callous or harsh, but there will always be insincere or less than honorable people that join any endeavor. By keeping a clear focus on the Mission first, the truly sincere people will stand up and be recognized. These are the people that will also keep the mission above all and support the Team in the effort.

This will build a stronger sense of unity and therefore all involved in Kyusho will expand the knowledge as well as benefit we have all been privileged to, for others.

The mission is:

"Help as many people help as many people as possible with Kyusho".

Your success is only measured by your worth, your worth is measured by how you help others not yourself.