There are two main ways that Martial Art Styles are taught... one is dead with tradition and set technique that can not vary, the other alive with concept that adheres to set idea or tenants, but with a curriculum that is alive and in perpetual refinement.

The strict adherence to set technique holds the individual back and is more a conditioning than education.  The individual must be allowed to develop their own personal style with sound principle and training.

It is the same with Kyusho.


Everyone has a preferred set of body actions, those that are natural and automatic... this is ingrained in the subconscious parts of the brain and are in affect, reflexive.

When under stress, the human body resorts to gross motor skills and reflexive tendency, so this must be recognized, refined and nurtured to higher capacity. As instinctual way of learning increases and becomes automatic or should we say autonomic, a more capable practitioner is forged.  It will retain the necessary self protective and reflexive response for the practitioner in a high stress/demand situation wehreas the learned set technique will fail.

When training Kyusho we also have long professed you must also develop empathy, this is accomplished in two ways within Kyusho, one is to receive (Uke) the same attack to understand it fully and KNOW what you are accomplishing when you apply it.  The second is through the First Aid or restoration of the recipient, so that you fully develop all neural recognition, adaption, sense and possibility.  When duplicating a set technique from another this is not possible, the individual must instead be tasked with a goal and allowed to find their instinctive and natural systemic method.


Spontaneity, instinct, empathy and freedom.... that is the way to learn Kyusho... we can help you achieve this.




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