The Single Blade of Grass Hand.

The unique hand position pictured here Ippon-Nukite ("Single Blade of Grass Hand" from the Bubishi), is in many arts, but unfortunately most practitioners are locked into the thought of only striking with the extended finger tip.  But this concept negates the very nature of the Martial Arts as being a blending of duality (hence infinite possibility) that would open many doors for those that embrace this transitioning duality (Yin - Yang).

As example if the fingers close and one extends, this perfectly illustrates this duality... but taking it further look at the action of the hands, (the featured Nakayama version, is slower... to see this action). The hands are at first both drawn up into this position from the extended open palms (Iron Sword of the Bubishi) as the body sinks into a Neko Ashi dachi (cat stance position).  From there the hands drop down and returned to the post position, this is repeated three times in the beginning of the Kata. That's what we wanted to Bunkai today, what could these hands be doing.

See the other knockouts and learn how to do them in the extended film - running time 21 Minutes

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