The Essence

In the 6 Ji Hands Film along with the Seizing Film, we exposed the correct torquing actions of these hands.

However it was not fully explained as it was for public consumption, but here I would like to say there is another reason beyond the transmission of kinetic energy, straighter trajectory, greater accuracy and affect. This private film explains exactly how the hands penetrate the bodies protective layer of structure, to access the more vital targets.

Depending on the Hand you are using from the ancient Shaolin postures, will depend on the surface you are using and how it will separate muscles and stretch, pinch or sever the underlying never or blood vessel. These are also invaluable for organ striking as the organs are at even greater depths and difficulties to reach.

Watch the film carefully with excerpts from the 6 Ji Hand and Seizing videos, to gain greater insights into the hands, Bubishi and Kyusho Skill.

This film will be segmented by hand for YouTube, however the following information below is to be added to the film above, an exclusive for our you as a valued Platinum Subscriber.


No other Kyusho group in the world knows, understands or even works at this level... nor does anyone else know this is encoded in the Bubishi. Learn more at these links.

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