Tie them up

It is a natural process in a fight in the ring, but more prevalent on the streets.

Lets face it, no one wants a punch in the head... as a person begins any fight there is a flurry of head shots that first appear from both sides.  The natural reaction is to rush in to stop the punches by clinching on tight to the opponent.

Knowing how to handle both sides of the clinch is Vital Learn how in Vlog 20 - Click Here.

Well this is where luck or skill now plays out... hopefully you will choose skill and to bring that more efficiently to a successful conclusion, with Kyusho.

There are just so many ways to clinch or be clenched in a given situation and having a few simple targets can ensure that you can subdue or dysfunction the opponent on entry for follow up.

Purposely we are not relying on knocking the opponent unconscious, although this is an option with the same tools and targets portrayed here.  The suggestion is to work toward that dysfunction and followup, then after well skilled work toward the KO.  If you work this way you will gain greater skill and possibilities, so if you miss the KO in reality, there is the dysfunctional aspect still in play.



In this months Vlog (Video Blog 55:00 - Click Here), you will work step by step as you watch others training it.  It is like you are in the class as you see not only the instructional aspect, but also people working and making modifications to suit their personal abilities.

Also as a special note there are two vital lessons in the transference and affect, not to be missed by any Kyusho enthusiast.

These Clinches are with direct proactive postures and actions from Sanchin, with occasional references to Seisan and Sanseiru.

Reality is harsher than you think... be ready Vlog 20 - Click Here.