True Budoka

Wolfgang Seibold has been fighting a much different fight than most as a surgical process landed him in a wheelchair... but it did not stop him.  He found our Kyusho International Instructor Clive Jevons to begin his Kyusho training.  Listen to the amazing story from Wolfgang translated by Clive Jevons and then Clive's discussion on further benefits he has attained from the training.

Both Men illustrate Friendship, Drive, Interminable Spirit and the hearts of true Budoka... they are the living example of the Kyusho International Mission Statement;  "Help as many people, help as many people as possible with Kyusho".


Austria Training Weekend 2017

Salzburg, Austria is deeply rooted with Kyusho... but also with many people from other countries always in attendance for an exciting weekend of training and special projects.

KTCP Program - Thursday

Max Maislinger (our host) & Jaap Jan De Lange of Bant, Netherlands and both Law Enforcement Officers, demonstrated the Kyusho involved in the international KTCP program.  Both Max and Jaap have had real time experience with Kyusho in prisons and the street with both now instructing many officers in several countries in this unique program.  This year we filmed the final module of the program for advanced Police training.

Affiliate Training - Friday

Friday was an exclusive training session for Kyusho International affiliates to work with the new programs and escalate their skills far beyond prior processes.  Hard, fast and grueling training focusing on the deep anatomical structures of the human body to incapacitate the opposition to gain advantage.  What is more interesting is that most there are in Law Enforcement and realize the benefits of Kyusho for safety, control and tactical use.


Kyusho International and Kyusho-Jutsu Kokusai Shihankai - Testing


Max Maislinger achieving Instructor Level 4 as well as 4th Dan in the Shihankai.

Jaap Jan De Lange achieving achieving Instructor Level 4 as well as 4th Dan in the Shihankai.


Open Training - Saturday & Sunday

The training was non stop action with anatomical striking, grappling and manipulations.  Not only proving that Kyusho is obtainable in active fighting but refining the practitioners skills with people of many disciplines... the Vital Point was targeting real anatomical weaknesses.  People came in from Sweden, Germany, Italy, Austria, Netherlands and Switzerland.


Sunday Member and Practitioner Testing

Sunday had many people testing for various levels of skill attainment, including Wolfgang Seibold from the interview above (see some demonstrations in the film)


And finally a big congratulations to Clive Jevons for attaining the difficult position of Certifying Instructor, with strict protocols for helping others in Kyusho.

See you next year...



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