Black Belts Only:

The invisible but lethal force of Karate

by Adam Newhouse

Sensei Newhouse graciously sent me a copy of his new book. At first I was tentative as I felt a response as well as critique would be appreciated, but what if I did not like it?  Well that was not a problem as I enjoyed the work, with a unique depth of focus and efforts to reclaim the realities of Karate as it brings the Kata and Karate back to an energetic and spiritual reality.

The information and direction exposed in this book was not only unique in the world of Martial Arts publications, it is one of those rare books that inspires one to involve and explore their Martial Arts on a different level.  The main focus is on the underlying energetics inherent in the traditional Kata and the practitioners understanding of it. Most Martial Artists shy away from this topic as most do not know or understand it well, many even dismissing it as myth, however this is the essence and soul of the Martial Arts that has been missing since its sport and monetary uses were propagated.

Tough is tough, but we have to ask ourselves why we are in the Arts.

Is it the brutality of only fighting or is there more... like understanding the human, physically for sure on an anatomical, physiological and functional level.  The mental and spiritual levels are the focus of Sensei Newhouse, to promote humanity in the ancient Arts.  In fact this was the essence of the Arts as the Masters of Old left for us, hidden in plain sight.

This is a wonderful book for those that truly seek the essence and spirit of the Arts as Sensei Newhouse takes the reader on a journey into a more obscure and little understood Layer in that Codec.  Approached from the practical and philosophical, this is an interesting and deep look into the spirit of Karate.

Thank you for your gracious gift Sensei Newhouse.



#Kyusho  -ep