The 7th of 7 arm Knockouts from Hohan Sokens Secret Notes.

The Journey through the last 7 targets from Hohan Sokens Secret Notes, has been informative, but hopefully more of a physiological understanding. The targets of the arm gave us a common attack methodology for the arm structures, in particular the blood system and how to leverage it against the opponent. These lessons learned, apply to all Kyusho Targets of the body, no matter the source,from Hohan Soken, Fujita, Mabuni, Funakoshi,Myagi and all the other great Masters before them. These Masters came from Japan,Okinawa,China and other Asian cultures, but not exclusive to these cultures.

Authors Note; as we looked at the target labeled "Kote" and now this target "Teko", one aspect that stands out (but not documented, just as a funny modern twist), is that the spellings are similar in letter useage.So let's play a game that will hopefully get the reader more intrigued with details andbrainstorming to found their own learning base.

So if we look at KO (Knockout) and TE (Hand), we get a name that suggests a KO hand technique. Then look to Te (Hand) KO (Knockout) and we may derive the expression, Knockout on the Hand. Now again this is my own ramblings, but it is how I perceive things, not just taking a word, idea,method etc., verbatim,but turning it, twisting it and being freely open to play with it to create or understand possible new paradigms. And it is as much fun as it is educational, try it as it may open so much for you as well.

Hohan Soken prefered Attacking this target with the Ken, Isshiken, Tettui and Dagger (he really liked his Dagger). The affect was fainting by stimulation of main and branch nerves, and cause loss of motor organ, by working it more in depth we can also affect the blood systems.

To learn the method, targets and see the affect in real time, the extended films are located at these links:

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